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BTA41-800BRG,Bidirectional thyristor,Thyristor-TRIAC
BTA41-800BRG,Bidirectional thyristor,Thyristor-TRIAC
BTA41-800BRG,Discrete semiconductor products Thyristor-TRIAC STMicroelectronics package pipe fitting Bidirectional thyristor standard Voltage-off state 800 V Current-on-state (It (RMS)) (maximum) 40 A Voltage-Gate Trigger (Vgt) (max) 1.3 V Current-Repetitive Surge 50, 60Hz (Itsm) 400A,420A Current-gate trigger (Igt) (max) 50 mA Current-hold (Ih) (max.) 80 mA deploy one-way Working temperature -40°C ~ 125°C(TJ) Installation type through-hole Package/housing TOP-3 insulation Supplier device package TOP3