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Discrete semiconductor products Transistor-FET, MOSFET series HEXFET® package pipe fitting Type of FET N channel technology MOSFET (metal oxide) Drain-source voltage (Vdss) 55 V Current at 25°C-continuous drain (Id) 49A(Tc) Driving voltage (maximum Rds On, minimum Rds On) 10V On-resistance with different Id and Vgs (maximum) 17.5 mω @ 25A, 10V Vgs(th) when Id is different (maximum) 4V 250µA Gate charge (Qg) at different Vgs (maximum) 63 nC 10 V Vgs (maximum) ±20V Input capacitance (Ciss) at different Vds (maximum) 1470 pF 25 V FET function - Power dissipation (maximum) 94W(Tc) Working temperature -55°C ~ 175°C(TJ) Installation type through-hole Supplier device package TO-220AB Package/housing TO-220-3