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M4 1N4004
Rectifier 1N4004 1A 400V SMA
Product type: rectifier

Installation style: SMD/SMT

Package/box: SMX

Vr - Reverse voltage: 400 V

If - forward current: 1 A

Type: Standard Recovery Rectifiers

Configuration: Single

Vf - forward voltage: 1.1 V

Maximum surge current: 30 A

Ir - Reverse current: 500 nA

Recovery time: 2.5 us

Minimum operating temperature: - 55 C

Maximum operating temperature:+150 C

Series: FM400

Encapsulation: Reel

Encapsulation: Cut Tape

Encapsulation: MouseReel

Trademark: Rectron

Height: 2.31 mm

Length: 5.31 mm

Product: Rectifiers

Product type: Rectifiers