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MSP430F4250IDL,integrated circuit,microcontroller,Texas Instruments,IC
MSP430F4250IDL,integrated circuit,microcontroller,Texas Instruments,IC
MSP430F4250IDL,integrated circuit,microcontroller,Texas Instruments,IC,Chip distributor manufacturer from China.I look forward to cooperating with you. I will provide you with quality service.
MSP430F4250IDL,integrated circuit,microcontroller,Texas Instruments,IC,Chip distributor manufacturer from China.
integrated circuit microcontroller Texas Instruments package pipe fitting Product status On sale Core processor MSP430 CPU16 Core specification 16-bit speed 8MHz Connection ability - peripheral device Undervoltage detection/reset, LCD, POR, PWM, WDT I/O number Thirty-two Program storage capacity 16KB(16K x 8 + 256B) Program memory type flash memory EEPROM capacity - RAM size 256 x 8 Voltage-supply (Vcc/Vdd) 1.8V ~ 3.6V data converter A/D 1x16b; D/A 1x12b Oscillator type inside Working temperature -40°C ~ 85°C(TA) Installation type Surface mount type Package/housing 48-SSOP(0.295",7.50mm wide)