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SM6T6V8CA,circuit protection,TVS-diode,STMicroelectronics
SM6T6V8CA,circuit protection,TVS-diode,STMicroelectronics
SM6T6V8CA,circuit protection,TVS-diode,STMicroelectronics,Chip distributor manufacturer from China.I look forward to cooperating with you. I will provide you with quality service.
SM6T6V8CA SMB,circuit protection,TVS-diode,STMicroelectronics,Chip distributor manufacturer from China.SM6T6V8CA,circuit protection,TVS-diode,STMicroelectronics,Chip distributor manufacturer from China.circuit protection TVS-diode STMicroelectronics package rewind type Zener duplex channel one Voltage-Reverse Off-state (typical) 5.8V Voltage-breakdown (minimum) 6.45V Voltage-clamp at different Ipp (maximum) 13.4V Current-peak pulse (10/1000µs) 298A(8/20µs) Power-peak pulse 600W Line protection without app; application be in common use Capacitance at different frequencies - Working temperature -55°C ~ 150°C(TJ) Installation type Surface mount type Package/housing DO-214AA,SMB Supplier device package SMB(DO-214AA)