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SS56 Schottky diode
Schottky diode SS56 SMA 5A 60V
5A 60V SMA DO-214AC,Diode-rectifier package rewind Diode type Schottky Voltage-DC Reverse (Vr) (max) 60 V Current-average rectification (Io) 5A Voltage-Forward (Vf) at Different If Times 700 mV @ 5 A speed Fast recovery =< 500ns, > 200mA(Io) Current at different Vr times-reverse leakage 100 µA @ 60 V Capacitance at different Vr and F 220pF @ 4V,1MHz Installation type Surface mount type Package/housing DO-214AC,SMA Supplier device package DO-214AC(SMA)