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Integrated circuit,linear amplifier,audio frequency amplifier,TDA7265
Integrated circuit,linear amplifier,audio frequency amplifier,stmicroelectronics,TDA7265
Integrated circuit,linear amplifier,audio frequency amplifier,stmicroelectronics,TDA7265
TDA7265,integrated circuit linear amplifier audio frequency amplifier Melt mass flow rate stmicroelectronics parcel administer type Class AB Output type Two-channel (stereo) Maximum output power x channel load 25W x 2 8 ohms Voltage supply 5V ~ 25V characteristic Power-off, mute, short-circuit and overheat protection, standby Installation type through-hole Working temperature -20 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius Supplier package 1-many watts Package/box Multiwatt-11 (vertical, bent and staggered leads)