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Integrated circuit
integrated circuit
Power management (PMIC)
DC DC switch controller
Melt mass flow rate
category integrated circuit Power management (PMIC) DC DC switch controller Melt mass flow rate stmicroelectronics parcel administer Output type Transistor driver function Boost, boost/step-down Output configuration Positive, able to isolate analysis situs Boost and flyback type Output quantity one Output stage one Power supply voltage (Vcc/Vdd) 7.6V ~ 30V Frequency conversion Up to 500kHz Duty cycle (maximum) 48% synchronous rectifier no clock synchronization no serial interface - control function frequency control Working temperature -40℃ ~ 150℃ (TJ) Installation type through-hole Package/box 8 inches (0.300 inches, 7.62 mm) Supplier package 8- mini DIP Basic product number UC3845