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VND5160JTR-E,Integrated circuit,IC
VND5160JTR-E,Integrated circuit,IC,Chip distributor manufacturer from China.I look forward to cooperating with you. I will provide you with quality service.
category integrated circuit Power management Distribution switch, load driver manufacturer STMicroelectronics series VIPower™ package rewind Switch type be in common use Output number Two Ratio-Input: Output 1:1 Output configuration high-end Output type N channel port On/off Voltage-load 4.5V ~ 36V Voltage-supply (Vcc/Vdd) have no use for Current-output (maximum) 3.5A On-resistance (typical) 60 mω (max) Type of input Noninverting phase trait Automatic restart, status flag Fault protection Current limiting (fixed), open-circuit load detection, overtemperature and overvoltage Working temperature -40°C ~ 150°C(TJ) Installation type Surface mount type Supplier device package PowerSSO-12™ Package/housing 12-PowerLSOP(0.154",3.90mm wide)