China best Schottky Barrier Diode on sales
China best Schottky Barrier Diode on sales
China best High Current Rectifier Diode on sales
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Shenzhen Canyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Canyi Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the promotion and distribution of well-known electronic components, and its products cover network communication, industrial control, automotive electronics, security monitoring and consumer electronics. In 2013, Canyi Technology officially represented Delcheng Technology (DEC) products, and in 2015 officially became the general agent of overseas sales. On this basis, after years of hard work, it has been officially represented and distributors of many electronic component manufacturers at home and abroad such as Changdian, Xinghai, Tuofeng, Leshan, Roma and Anshi. We have a strong sales and service team to provide customers with full-process technical services from selection to mass production, based on more than 1000 square meters of logistics and warehousing, through standardized logistics operation mode, advanced testing equipment, and strict products inspection. Providing customers with flexible, safe and efficient logistics services.

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On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, please acceptour most sincere and warm congratulations on this great holiday. We greatly appreciate the positive experience of cooperation between our companies and look forward to the further mutually beneficial development of our partnership. -- V.P. Vasilyev

We come to know Canyi by the recommendation of my freind who is a senior expert in rectifier diode industry, that spares us from risking to try other factory. -- Bob from Gemany