3A 5A 8A DC-DC 500KHz Step Down Power Module 5V-12V

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: CANYI
Certification: RoHS
Model Number: Step-down Power Module
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Packaging Details: Dimensions per Unit:19*6.3*21 centimeter • Weight per Unit:100g• Units per Export Carton:10000 • Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H: 42*33*24 centimeter• Export Carton Weight:3 Kilograms
Delivery Time: 5-7days
Payment Terms: Telegraphic Transfer in Advance (Advance TT, T/T)
Supply Ability: 15,000,000PCS Per Day
Detail Information
Product Name: Step-down Power Module Application: Power Supply Module
Operating Temperature: -40°-+85° Supply Voltage: 5V-24V
Dissipation Power: 3A/5A Is Customized: Yes
High Light:

500KHz Step Down Power Module


12V 5A Step Down Power Module


8A DC-DC Power Supply Module

Product Description

3A 5A 8A DC-DC Buck Step-down Power Supply Module 5V-12V 24V to 5V 3.3V 9V 12V high output


Type:MINI560 step-down power module


Model Name Mini560 (MINI DC-DC step down module)
Version 3.3V 5V 9V 12V
Output voltage 3.3V 5V 9V 12V
Input voltage 5-20V 7-20V 11-20V 14-20V
Output current <5A <5A <4A <4A


Requires hear dissipation


Requires hear dissipation

Differential pressure >1.7V >2V >2V >2V
Operating frequency 500KHz
Conversion efficiency 99%(MAX)
Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃
External dimensions 29*18*5.4(L*W*H)(mm)
Module nature Non-isolated buck
Rectification method Synchronous rectification



3A 5A 8A DC-DC 500KHz Step Down Power Module 5V-12V 0

  Output V/I Input V(V) Input I(A) Input V(V) Input I(A)



Chip temperature(no heat disspation at room temperature)(℃)
3.3V 3.3V/2A 12 0.56 3.28 2 97.6% 35.4
3.3V/4A 12 1.15 3.27 4 94.8% 54.8
3.3V/5A 12 1.45 3.26 5 93.7% 69.5
5V 5V/2A 12 0.85 5.00 2 98.0% 35.8
5V/4A 12 1.72 4.99 4 96.7% 53.6
5V/5A 12 2.17 4.98 5 95.6% 62.1
9V 9V/2A 12 1.54 9.16 2 99.1% 36.8
9V/3A 12 2.32 9.15 3 98.6% 42.3
9V/4A 12 3.1 9.14 4 98.3% 56.8
12V 12V/2A 18 1.37 12.10 2 98.1% 39.6
12V/3A 18 2.05 12.12 3 98.5% 52.7
12V/4A 18 2.74 12.10 4 98.1% 67.2


Type: MINI 360 step-down power module
Size: approx.17 X 11 x 3.8mm
Input voltage: 4.75V- -23V
Output voltage: 1.0V-17V
Current output: peak 3A, 1.8A long time
Transfer efficiency: 96% ( highest)
Swtiching frenquency: 340KHz
Output ripple: 30mV(no-load)
Load regulation:0.5%
Voltage regulation:2.5%
Operating temperature: -40-+85
Color: show as pictures
Non- isolated step- down
Synchronous rectification
Features: use of integrated forming power inductor and synchronous rectifier control chip.It's smaller and more efficient

3A 5A 8A DC-DC 500KHz Step Down Power Module 5V-12V 1

Type:3A adjustable voltage regulator power supply module pressure drop plate

Input Voltage:4.5-28V

Output voltage:0.8-20V

Output current:3A(Max)


Switch Frequency:1.5MHz(Max),1MHz(Typ)

Operating Temperature:-20 to 85℃


3A 5A 8A DC-DC 500KHz Step Down Power Module 5V-12V 2

Type:DC-dc 3A step-down power modele(3.3V/5V/9V/12V fixed input)

IN-:INPUT Negative electrode

IN+:INPUT Positive electrode

OUT+:OUTPUT Positive electrode

OUT-:OUTPUT Negative electrode


Product model 3A DC-DC buck module
Output voltage 3.3V 5.0V 9.0V 12.0V



Input voltage range


5.3-26V 7-26V 11-26V 14-26V 4.8-26V
Long-term work MAX current 2A 1.8A 1.2A 0.8A Within 10W
MAX output current


Long-term work control within 10W

Conversion efficiency


(Vin-Vout≥2V)smaller,more high efficiency

Output ripple ≤30mV
Working Temperature -40 to 85℃
Size 22.3*17*4.2mm(L*W8H)


3A 5A 8A DC-DC 500KHz Step Down Power Module 5V-12V 3


IN-:INPUT Negative electrode

IN+:INPUT Positive electrode

OUT+:OUTPUT Positive electrode

OUT-:OUTPUT Negative electrode


Type:MINI high power DC buck module

Main parameter Minimum Typical value Maximum Remarks
Input voltage(Vac) 6 - 14 V
Working frequency(Hz) - 500 - KHz
Output power(W) 0 - 40 W
Working temperature(℃) -40 +25 +85
Static power(mA) - - 200 <200uA
Output voltage(Vdc) 4.95 5.1 5.15 V
Persist current(mA) 0 - 8 A
Ripple noise(mV) 10 - 30 <30mV
Maximum efficiency(n%) 87 - 97 %
Over current protaction(%)   12 - A
Short circuit protection(%) - - - No
Working humidity(RH%) 20 - 90 No-condersing
Storage temperature(℃) -10 +25 +50 Dry storage at normal temperature
Storage humidity(RH%) 10 - 90 Dry storage at normal temperature


3A 5A 8A DC-DC 500KHz Step Down Power Module 5V-12V 4

Type:Wide input voltage DC-DC buck module

Input voltage range: 6V- 36V

Output voltage: 3.3V/5V

Output current: 0- -2A

Voltage accuracy:1%

Output ripple noise: less than 30mV (0.5- -2A load)

Conversion efficiency: more than 85% (5V2A output)

Static current: less than 50ua

Shutdown current: less than 2ua

Working environment: 0° - 70.

Output short circuit protection

Over temperature protection of the whole machine

3A 5A 8A DC-DC 500KHz Step Down Power Module 5V-12V 5

The EN pin voltage is higher than 1.5V to open the module output.EN pins grounded or suspended close the output and EN pins grounded or suspended close the output. Short EN pin to IN+ when module output is normally on;When the module switch needs to be controlled by SCM, connect EN pin to I0 pin of SCM, and IO pin is set as push- pull output.


Type:Mini DC-DC buck module

Input voltage: 4.5V-16V

Output voltage: 3.3V I 5.2V

Buck efficiency: up to 98%

Output current: 0~4A

Voltage accuracy: < 1%

L oad regulation: <0.5%

Output ripple noise: < :20mV

Static power consumption: <500uA

Working environment:- -40° ~ 85.

Size: 13* 18.6 * 5mm

3A 5A 8A DC-DC 500KHz Step Down Power Module 5V-12V 6

Preset two kinds of voltage, the default output 5.2V (to the mobile phone and other electronic products can make up the line loss when charging to achieve greater charge current), the use of electric iron disconnect the connection can be adjusted to 3.3V output voltage. Leads to the EN control pin the default high-level output, no output when the low level.Leads to FB feet, with professional knowledge of the user Can be an external resistor to change the output voltage.

Type:Mini step-down power module,non-isolated step- -down module (BUCK)

synchronous rectifier

Input voltage: DC 4.5- -24V

Output voltage: integrated adjustable and fixed output, the back can choose a fixed output voltage

Adjustable range (0.8- -17V), fixed voltage (1.8V 2.5V 3.3V 5V 9V 12V)

Output Current: 3A (Please note that full cooling), the actualtest input 12V 1.5A output less heat without special treatment.

Conversion efficiency: up to 97.5% (6.5 turn 5V 0.7A)

3A 5A 8A DC-DC 500KHz Step Down Power Module 5V-12V 7


Operating temperature:

Industrial grade (- -40 C to + 85 C ) (the higher the temperature, the smaller the output power)

Output Overvoltage Protection: None

Full load temperature rise: 40C

Static current: 0.85mA

Load regulation:1%

Voltage regulation:0.5%

Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS

Output short circuit protection:Do not short- circuit a long time

Input reverse polarity protection:None, input reverse polarity protection diode

Enable control:Yes, high work, low stop working, high level 2- -5V, a low level of about OV. The default input with internal pull-up to the positive electrode.

Connection: Welding

Input: Welding

Output: welding / pin

Welding hole spacing: 2.54 mm



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