Glass fuse,Fuse
Glass fuse
4mm*10mm Glass fuse
Circuit protection,Fuse manufacturer,Sample testing can be provided.
Glass fuse,Fuse,Circuit protection,All series of fuses, with EU electrical protection certification.Sample testing can be provided.
circuit protection fuse Series 3.6*10 package loose Installation type through-hole Fuse type Tube, glass Rated Current (Ampere) 0.1A~15A Rated voltage-AC 250 V Response time Slow fusing Package/housing 3.6mm x 10mm (axial) Time-division capability at different rated voltages 35A Melting it Ninety-five certification authority CE,UL,VDE Working temperature -55°C ~ 125°C colour - Size/dimensions 3.90mm x 11.00mm) DC cold resistance 0.011 Ohms