Plastic sealed disposable fuse,circuit protection
All series of fuses, certified by European Union for electrical protection.Full range of voltages and currents,Sample testing can be provided.
Full range of voltages and currents,sample testing is available.
circuit protection fuse package shear zone Tape box Installation type through-hole Fuse type Installation of plate (excluding tube type) Rated Current (Ampere) 0.063A~15A Rated voltage-AC 250 V~400V Response time Slow fusing Package/housing Radial, box type Time-division capability at different rated voltages ~~ Melting it One hundred and one point six one certification authority CQC,cURus,KC,PSE/JET,VDE Working temperature -40°C ~ 85°C colour - Size/dimensions 0.335"length x 0.157"width x 0.315"height (8.50mm x 4.00mm x 8.00mm) DC cold resistance 0.0167 Ohms